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Yaakov Shwekey, Yedid - JEWJAZZ recording session

 The Inside Story...


It was a muggy Friday afternoon, July 30, 2004, and we had a ball at Yochi Briskman's Recording Studio...  

Yochi's son was playing with his Canon still digital camera...

  1. So, as a goof, I took out the Compact Flash Card from his camera, and inserted it into the card reader I already had in the card slot of my Mac Powerbook G4,17' laptop.

  2. The iPhoto application started up automatically, and I clicked on one button to import these video clips.

  3. Then I Dragged and Dropped these clips into Apple's iMovie software, and made this little video -- easy as everything else by Apple, which is

Get a Mac!

The CD came out nice! Bravo Yaakov!
Let's do it again! 

Stay tuned... Full Story coming?..., time permitting...?!

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