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backstage with Tony Bennett

Garth Brooks made me laugh just in time for this shot... Read More

a real sport, Joe Torre didn't mind doing this in the bathroom, at the Rainbow Room!!!  Read More

As I was running out of film, I told Gloria Estephan and Jonathan Buttler that it would be cheaper this way! We were doing doing Leonard Bernstein's "West Side Story" with Dave Grusin's arrangements etc.

So I asked this guy "What's your name?" He said "I am Phil...".

Later on I was told that this guy, Phil, was Phil Ramone!

at the UJA dinner, Dr. Ruth bought my CD, and she did that 3 years in a row! Finally, after she paid for the 3rd one, I couldn't resist asking her if she realized that it was the same Arkady, "The Other Side" CD! She told me that she knew that, and she was simply trying to set a good example for the other people at the party! How is sweet is that? 5

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