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These are some Fun Gigs memories....

ARKADY - "Vahaviosim" - Live In LA... and FREEZING!!!


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It was a chilly 50F/10C night, on April Fools Day in Los Angeles! We were playing outdoors, without space heaters!

Read Full Story about this video on this page (2nd Video from the top)...

No two gigs are alike... and so I "went with the flow", jamming with this little sax player...

This is VERY SPECIAL!!!!  

I am the SAX/FLUTE in these 2 videos. This gig was at Great Neck Synagogue. What a GREAT MEMORY + BLESSING with Rav Shlomo Carlebach there!

Mr. BIG HUGS! When he HUGGED me, he really did - not "LET'S DO LUNCH" HUG! Thus, in my head I nicknamed him a "Big Poodle"! Go hug a Big Poodle, and you'll know what I mean!

See more of my 3 Part (JEWJAZZ) Comments on this video on YouTube. And while there, see the other video from that memorable night, featuring the Great! Jo Amar! I Commented on that video also!

At the videotaping of Lubavitch Telethon, Curtis Sliwa was followed by Shlomo Carlebach!!!, who asked me to play sax along with him... How could I say NO to Shlomo?!

Around the broadcast date, 6/12/94, Lubavitch Rabbi passed away, and, shortly after, on Oct. 20, 1994, Rav Shlomo followed him... but that duet with Shlomo (we played his Krakow Nigun) was trully "gevaldik!"... I remember Shlomo always using words "gevaldich", and "mamish"!

some gigs come with a great view... I always get chills around her!!!

and it's always fun to come back to Carnegie Hall...

outside Carnegie Hall with Homeland Security...

Fun Gig$


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