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This was a real fun recording session, and the studio was right near my home...

Ilya Lishinky is a Master of a Digital Audio: insanely quick and intuitive recording engineer and producer... Every time we work together, it's one glance, and we both know what's happening without saying a word... Sometimes it feels like he's got two heads

Hershi Ginsberg, Sruli's brother, is an excellent arranger-producer, and a very easy going mensch!

The song I played on, Befi Culanu, was what I would describe as "happy music"!!! It was hard to stand still, and not to dance during the recording!

And so, bringing my alto, tenor, baritone saxes, flute and piccolo flute was all worth it -- here I am, round about 2AM, going home with a smile

And it looks like there there were plenty smiles during the recording session in Israel (Hershi & Barak Ben Ziur - drums), where the rhythm section tracks are often recorded these days. It's kind of like making movies, where the actors often don't get to meet each other, unless they were in the same scene, i.e. it's not like theatre, where all actors are there at the same time, taking turns on the stage.

left-right-front-back: Shimix - producer, Sruli, Hershi, Nati Patishi – engineer...

Yes, the technology makes more and more miracles possible, and love technology, but still -- one of these days, I hope to finally get to Israel, and play with those guys, live, in person, and stretch out during a concert. Some of those musicians used to live here in NYC, USA, and so it would definitely be a fun reunion...

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