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Shana Tova!!!

Rosh Hashanah Celebration,
Laundry Yontif, Coming Clean, 
Comes together Jewish Nation,
I am rhyming on the whim…

Screw the Terror, and the Fears,
Screw the Tears for a Jew,
I’ll take Freilach over Kadish,
G-d protects the White and Blue!

Call it Eretz, Independence,
But Hatikvah, Jewish State, 
Will not bow to the Fear,
And will conquer all the Hate! 

Fifty Seven Sixty Seven,
Safe and Healthy onto all,
Sends Arkady, plus self-Brocha
For someday to kiss The Wall

Call this CHILDISH, call it DREAMING!
LET ME PLAY!!!  – my biggest wish! 
I am wishing all you Nachas,
And much laughter at your Tish

Saying Sorry ain’t so easy,
Sometimes learning can be hard,
Sim Shalom! A New Beginning! -- 
Says Arkady, Kiev Bard !!!

                                                               Thursday, September 21, 2006, 19:02:58, NYC, USA 

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As I've been getting a bunch of Shana Tova emails, I figured: hey, why not send out a Good Vibe out there too?

So I got a few thoughts of my chest through this poem....  

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