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Purim Vibe

Purim Vibe is in the air,
Spring is near and sunshine,
May you always feel it there,
Carefree like Purim wine!

May your feet be always dancing,
And your face be one big smile,
Purim vibe is in the air,
Let it linger for awhile! 

Hug your neighbor, hug your child,
Maybe enemy of yours(?),
Sing and dance beyond the wild,
Force yourself to write a verse!

Purim Vibe is in the air --
Call it Jewish Masquerade,
Let your Pride hang mighty loud
In this annual parade!

Wednesday, March 11, 1998, 4:35:58 PM

Copyright © Arkady  

Of all Jewish Holidays, Purim is my favorite! The happy faces, the costumes, the whole jolly vibe -- all of it is very contageous!

People are looking to have a fun time, and it's much more informal... The playing on Purim gigs is most creative, since the vibe is far looser than at weddings etc., with a lot more jamming and experimentation on and off the band stand... Add to that all those fun costumes, and not having to wear tuxedos and such, unlike at weddings -- the vibe is simply fun!!!  

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