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Happy Pesach!

Howdy, fellow Yisroel,
Hope this finds yall doing swell,
Spring is here, and sunshine,
Happy Pesach, and good wine! 

Verbal Hug and Festive Vibe
Rhymes Arkady to his Tribe:

May the matzoh, reddish, fish,
Rock this year, as each dish
Goes down in the tummy,
All we care -  it is yummy,
As to fat, it matters not,
Let the kishkas play foxtrot!

Mah Nishtana Q & A,
On this Yontif let us pray
For each other, wishing health,
And much laughter -- a true wealth!

Some love Yankees, some like Mets,
Some play safe, or roll high bets,
We all make our own path,
Happy Pesach, and the math

May your Seder and tomorrow,
Be all joy and rare sorrow,
With mishpocha and the friends,
Always there, make amends 

Sim Shalom, and merry eats,
Happy memories and wits
May we share, and what else? --
Once again I wish you health!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Copyright © Arkady

Here are a few thoughts that I'd like to share with you... Please take time to read and click on the links generously...

Pesach is Hebrew for Passover

Hug/Chag (Hebrew) turned out to be a fun pun -- (khag) n. Jewish Festival, Feast, or holiday. And by word math, I meant money...

Click on the following Yiddish and Hebrew words, and expressions for explanation:

Kishka, Mah Nishtanah, Yontif, Mishpocha, Sim Shalom...

The word, Seder means Order [an interesting word in English], indicating that all the commandments and rituals of this evening are to be performed in a specific order. In every Hagadah we find the traditional sequence of various steps of the Seder outlines by the terms Kadesh Urchatz etc. learn more...

And this word, Seder, really got to me, as soon as, on 4/13/06, I learnt its translation. Amazingly, I never thought of asking about its meaning, and, I guess everyone assumed that I already knew... So, "I thought to myself "...  that the following drasha was in order

Word "Order" can also mean: opposit of disorder; organization; clean house (litterary or proverbially speaking), Spring Cleaning = Renewal, Rebirth; setting priorities...

In personal terms,"Order"can mean: giving out orders-commands, bossing someone around (at home, or at work)... But one of the hardest orders one can give, make, and enforce is to oneself...  (but, let's keep it light, staying on a positive, optimistic note)...

In a technical-computer lingo, the following Menu Items, Dialog Box choices, Commands come to mind:

Redo, Repeat, Reset, Refresh, Reload, Resize, Restore, Repair, Recover, Reboot, Restart, Reformat...

So, "I thought to myself ": why not browse around the Menues and Dialog boxes, within the "Operating Sstem" that one runs, or operates on/under, and have a Dialog With Oneself?... (but, let's keep it light, staying on a positive, optimistic note)...

Similar "overtones-frequencies" can be found on New Year's  Day, secular (January 1, for the Western World), or Jewish (Rosh Hashana)...

So I figured: It's never too late to Resize ones's World and Hopes?! Spring is here, why wait?

P.S. And, if nothing elese, I wish you ORDER = HEALTH!!!


 What A Wonderful World!!!

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