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On Saturday, January 13th, 2007, Michael passed away... He will be missed, but never forgotten!!!

This webpage was part of my efforts to assist in Michael's Big Fight... FOR LIFE!

The Big Fight is over, Michael won!!!

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 The Saxophonist Michael Brecker

needs a Bone Marrow Transplant

The New York Times

photo by Jennifer Taylor for The New York Times.

See the original article  His Saxophone Is Silent, His Life Is in the Balance here ,

or, if it has been removed from NY Times site, I also have it here on this site...

For Michael…

Stolen Moments, stolen dreams,
Life is never what it seems,
People come, and people go,
Some are real, some are show

Life and Death -- same old refrain,
Joy so rare, frequent pain,
War and Peace, and then we die,
Look for answers in the sky

Brecker's hurting, thus me too,
Eastern European Jew -- 
Genes are weird, as can be,
No one knows what's to be

Gaza’s hurting… and Red Sea
Jazz might cure him…or… me?!
No one knows steps ahead,
Why did God pick Brecker lad?

Same old Q’s – a secret meaning?
What’s The Prize in cost of living?
To forgive is never easy,
Everyone is crazy busy

Life is always way too fast, 
Look ahead and learn the past,
Then forget the rules – just play…
As for Michael we all pray! 

Hope times Faith through every round,
Right blood must and shall be found,
Hang in there, brother Mike --
This is Happy Ending Pike !!!

                       Friday, August 19, 2005, 3:37 AM

Copyright ©  Arkady Kofman


After weeks of daily deep frying both my phone and email for this CAUSE -- my "day gig":), back in August 2005, as I was about to Shut Down for the day, words

Stolen Moments, stolen dreams, 
Life is never what it seems...

came to me, and so, I knew I had a poem knocking on my soul... Weaving in these "enharmonic common word-tones" was particularly fun:

Stolen Moments

Steps Ahead

Cost of Living


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