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Celestial Whims

PLO = Peace?!... White House lawn?!...
No more bloodshed?! = New Era’s dawn?!
Arafat, scarf = statesman = Rabin...?! --
Destiny’s pawns, neither to win?!

Both to lose -- Arabs and Jews?!
Courage to try is reason why
They got together...beautiful weather,
Carter and Bush, Kissinger, Baker,
Youthful “Slick Willie” -- the host-peacemaker ...
Autographs, senators -- Yasir’s a hit,
Financial aid is his new bit!

Media’s jolly: Peace!(just a fad?)
Left behind plenty on both sides mad!
Just like Sadat, will they die for the cause?! --
History’s footnotes, specs in fate’s claws?!

Such giant gamble is pretty scary! --
Clear choice: fears or children to bury?!

No one but God knows the end...
Yesterday’s foe -- future friend?

Fiction?! -- who knows? For starters it seems
So unreal -- Celestial whims!!! ...

    Wednesday, September 15th, 1993, 1:35 AM

Copyright © Arkady  

It seems like that whole photo with Clinton, Rabin, Arafat was yesterday!!!...  With Rabin, like Sadat, killed by his (our) own, and everything that followed, including 9/11, Iraq etc. the Celestial Whims are as mysterious, as ever...  Although we all have our views, we all want peace! Hopefully, one day it happens..., but till then, we can only wonder what kind of Whims await us...

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