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Arkady [click to hear pronunciation ] is both a stellar musician and a force of nature.

For almost 2 decades he has turned mundane bandstands into musically memorable ones, by infusing even the most classic of nigunnim (tunes) with the most contemporary of styles. Understanding that a band works best when they're working together, Arkady's natural exuberance (both musical and personal) results in soaring sections with "happening" harmonies and searing solos. His is a performance style that motivates his fellow musicians to reach new levels as well. Inspiring a band while simultaneously electrifying an event -- this is what Arkady is musically all about.

And while his personal and performance style turns heads, it's never at the expense of the event. He understands that the music is there to enhance the occasion not overshadow it.

Small wonder, Arkady has performed with every major band and performer -- all of whom count on him as the "ringer" that will add an unprecedented level  of musical mastery to the "gig" -- from Sephardic to Society, Classic and Contemporary Jewish, to cutting edge Jazz Fusion, and every idiom in between.


To avoid misunderstandings within the fast paced music world, and because he is understandably in serious demand, Arkady has acceded to the requests of countless clients, and decided to make himself available directly to clients who can now hire him as a featured performer that will both accompany and enhance whatever existing musical group the client has engaged.
Should you desire the total "Arkady Experience", Arkady can also appear with his "Arkestra" -- a group comprised of some of NY's most respected musicians working together to produce a sound that is definitely unique -- and even more definitely Arkady. As this group is every bit as versatile as their leader, their  repertoire covers every and any musical genre imaginable.

Clearly the Arkestra is not for everyone, but then again, few of life's more memorable things are...

Though regardless if you choose Arkady to enhance your existing band, or to totally electrify your event with his own group -- rest assured, you'll be getting an unprecedented level of musicianship... and the music to match.

These words about "a man beyond words" are compliments of


Ever the "renaissance man", Arkady has chosen to communicate his musical vision via this simple yet poignant poem of his...

Let my people go,
Let Arkady blow,
With a simple call
Dial up some soul!

Free your heart they way it was meant --
Simple and honest -- right sentiment,
Music inspires, music unites,
Those who pay us -- that's who decides!



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